Replacements Ggraphics

As brands of products and services keep changing and banners go out of date you may want to consider changing the prints of your existing displays.At Display Sales, we have ensured that our banner stands and portable display solutions are flexible enough to cater for graphics changes. All our equipment is designed so graphics can easily be updated without having to replace the entire display system.


Please follow the link to our graphic design guide and Artwork Guide.

If you wish us to create your new artwork please contact us : or follow the link to our Our graphic design guide.


Option 1 – Send the equipment back and we will replace and install it for you.

Display Sales offer graphic replacement installation service. Just send us your existing display ( including the existing print). We will remove the old skin from your display, print the new skins and install it. You will receive your display back with new the new skin and ready to go.

Even if you did not purchase the equipment from us, we are happy to replace the graphics (banner) for you. All you need to do is send us the artwork with the dimensions required for your banner and we will arrange the graphics (banner) for you.

Please note - charges will be incurred for graphic replacement installation service

Option 2 – Just order the graphics and install it yourself

If you have some technical ability you may be able to install the skin yourself. Some banners are easy to install, you can easily replace them yourself. You can save yourself the shipping and installation costs. In case you choose to install the new skin yourself, we will just send you the new skin (usually in tube).

If you choose to replace the skin yourself and you need support, please contact us:

Please note:
If you choose to replace the skin yourself display salescannot accept responsibility for any damage to the print or failure of the equipment as a result for installation that took place outside our production line.