Graphic Design 




Our in house graphics design team are experience in creating displays that will make getting you noticed easy. Our team has the expertise to take picture and text and turn it into sticking

and eye catching displays that will deliver your desired message to your audience and customers.

Our team is most experience in designing large format displays so, they have designed thousand of displays, they know the graphics criteria's and specifications for each display and they are highly efficient in the design process. By working side by side with our large format graphics design team you can be sure of a fast efficient and hassle free service. We will communicate with you throughout the proceeds of the design and make sure it is according to your requirements. You will receive proofs from our design team until you are satisfy and confirm the design. Our team is committed to ensure that you can relax knowing your design is according to your specifications and the display will be ready on time to your event.

Most graphic designers charge hourly rate for design work. Experience count when you try to save time. Our highly experience large format design team will save you design time and make sure you make the most of your dollar.

In order for us to create the design in the most efficient way we will require the following:

1.Email us a written brief or sketch (word document) containing what you wish to say on the display ( the wording). Most displays includes your web address, phone number, other contact details.

2.Please send us a copy of your Logo ( prefers EPS format), and copy of all high resolution images.

3.We send you a design estimate

4.We will go to your website and get the feel and look of your corporate identity so the design of the display will be consistence with your corporate colors, fonts, and general look ( unless requested otherwise)

5.We create the design and send you proof

6.You make any amendments, comments etc

7.We redesign and send you proofs ( until you approve the final design)

8.Once the design approved, we send the design to production.

for any enquiries and to get your design underway please call us Email: or call us : 1300 785 696



If you already have a graphic designer or you can design the artwork yourself, all you need to do is follow our graphic design instructions. If you have any questions regarding the design please don’t hesitate to contact us. Email: or call us: 1300 785 696




Accepted File Formats

The preferred artwork format is PDF file, Press or Print Optimised.Page size must be set to the trim size plus 5mm bleed all around if necessary. Images & graphics must be in CMYK format. We can accept other format as well: CMYK TIF (print resolution), Photoshop (EPS, TIF, PSD), Illustrator (please outline all text ). Please ensure all supporting images, files and fonts are included. A minimum resolution of 150dpi (CMYK colour) at the full printed size is required (1:1 scale). We recommend you supply us images in the highest resolution possible as this will provide the best quality result for your banner. Please DO NOT use PDF Maker for making PDFs to print - they are not generate acceptable quality PDF files. Most mainstream applications produce good-quality PDFs when "High Quality", "Print" or "Press" settings are used.


File Size and Bleeds

Design template is available for each display stand on our website. Just go the product page and download the PDF template. Each template contain the correct dimensions, including the bleed required to create your artwork files. If you do not use our template – please Include 5 mm of bleed on all elements that extend beyond the trim edge.


Colour Matching

Full colour graphics are based on the Pantone Colour Matching System. Colour images must be in CMYK format (No RGB!).We cannot guarantee an exact colour match, but we will come as close as possible (just as long as you provide us with the Pantone Colour Code when placing your order). Variables relating to individual substrates, heat and dyes might have an affect on the final artwork appearance.

Images with LZW compression cause problems - if you must use compression, use JPEG, but be aware that the more you compress the worse the picture will print. Don't reduce a photo or scan to less than 20% of the original size when placing in a page layout program. Open them in an image editing programme such as Photoshop and scale them to the correct size. Scan or save colour and greyscale images at 150 dpi at 100% of the final size


Submitting Your Files

You can send us your artwork through our website or through the mail.

For website submissions: Go to the Artwork section and click on the Send Your Artwork link. The steps are described. Once we receive your artwork, you will receive confirmation from us. If you have concerns with submitting your files, call us on 1300 785 696 and we will guide you through the process.

For mail submissions: Send your artwork on USB Memory card or CD by express post - mail to: PO Box 6035, Caulfield South, Vic, 3162. Please make sure you label your USB Memory card or CD with your company name and invoice number so we can track the artwork to your order.


Please note:
Supplying us with correct, ready to print artwork is your responsibility. Please check your artwork carefully before submitting it to us. Display sales cannot accept responsibility for print errors or late deliveries where artwork has been supplied incorrectly.