PullUp banners also known as Rullup banner stand and popup banner stand are very cost effective displays and important tool for any business looking to stand out at an exhibition or trade show. The rollup banners are a great tool to grab attention of your target customers and deliver you message. The pull up banners can also be used to make a high impact in retail environment, shop or any place of business as a great addition to your point of sale material.

Getting the right design is critical to the success what you are trying to achieve with the banner stand. The pull up banner stand need to be high impact, grab the attention and interest of your customers. One way of ensuring your Roll Up Banner will make an impact is by getting the design right.

A good pull up banner will grab the customer attention and will deliver the message effectively. as a result, the customers will take action specify on the banner ( contact the business or search for additional information regarding the product or services )

Logo must be clear and positioned at the top of the banner

Your brand must be clearly identify. By positioning the logo of the brand / product at the top of the banner you prioritize the brand. The main message must be at eye level so anyone can see at a glance.
Prioritize the content of the banner – Top to Bottom
Most Consumers will read the content of the banner from top to bottom.
position you most important message at the top of the banner and the least important tat the bottom of the banner.

Do not overload banner with details

Keep the information on the banner clear and sharp. Focus on your message and do not overload the banner with small details. Remember that more information can always be provided by your sales team on site.
You may want to provide additional brochures, flyers and strut cards to complement the banner with more details about the product or services Use the right Images
Choosing the right images is critical. Images must be eye catching elements that help you grab the attention of your customers. You may want to use images of the products or lifestyle images. All images must be in high quality and high resolution

Choose Banner Colors carefully

When designing the pull roll up banner stand, colours can help making the banner stand out at an exhibition environment. Having said that, when designing a rollup banner to your business, the colors you choose should be consistence with the corporate colors of your business and products. The banner should have the same feel and look as your corporate brand so it will be easily identified. The colors of the background of the banner, text and images should not clash so you can easily read the text and view the images.

Include your Contact details

make sure that the contact details of the business are clearly written on the banner. usually the contact details are placed at the bottom of the banner and they must be easy to find. Contact details will give visitors information on how to best contact you should they want to find out more about a products or services. You should always include your website, contact number and email address . other details like company address and social media channel like Twitter and Facebook could also be used to provide customers with another channel to contact you by.