Pull up banners / Rollup banners are simple , high impact and cost effective displays that can help you promote your brand, products and services. There are few tips that can help you maximize the impact of the rollup banner and help you catch the eye of your audience and help make you message you try to deliver more memorable .

Your Message – Make sure your message is short and clear

The message is the most important element in the banner. The message is actually more important than the graphics and the visual look of the banner. The message must be easy to see. It should be short and clear. The customer must clearly understand what you try to tell them within seconds of looking at the banner. The design, colors and other element on the banner can help you grab the customer’s attention, but the message must be sharp and clear to identify.

Heading - Must be bold and clear

All headlines must be bold and stand out making the banner easy to read and identify different parts of the message. without clearly separate the content of the banner with bold headers, customers will find it hard to absorb the message to try to deliver.

Value for money

The customers need to know why they should use your product and services. You need to clearly tell what are the benefits of your products or services and why they should use your product or services and not others. Why your products or services stand above the rest.

Action to Take

The banner must clearly explain what action customers should take in order to acquire your products or services. Should they contact you on site ? should they call you after the trade show ? did you clearly display the contact details ?
Make it easy to the customers and tell them what they should do, this way they are more
Make sure your brand is clearly identified
The banner must have the feel and look of your brand. Customers that look at your banner at a glance should identify you brand without even reading the content of the banner. You company or product logo must
be displayed and the design of the banner need to be consistence with the rest of you marketing materials.
Direct your banner to your target Market Design your banner with your target market in mind. Customize the message & design to suit your target market. Do you direct your banner to children ? pensioner ? sports people ? doctors ? Each group may
require different design to grab their attention. The font size, banner colors , images and the style of the banner may vary depend on the target market you directing you banner to.