The main advantage of the popup displays is its high portability. The entire display (8 or 10 feet wide) conveniently folds into a durable compact traveling case. It is packed into a small carry case with wheels, the display is lightweight and it is easy to transport and reduced shipping costs the popup display case can conveniently fit and transport in the boot of a vehicle much easier than traditional one-piece displays. The popup display unit can be used time and time again, making it a great advertising investment.

Easy to Assemble/Disassemble

One of the main benefits of portable trade show display is the ease of assembly/disassembly. The pop up display can be set up by one person within 30 minutes or less. The secrete of this great solution is in Its unique frames ability to pop open and expand. The magnetic bars are steered into the alocated position towards the frame so all you have to do is lock it in place. The graphics panes are pre-assembled with magnetic strips so all you need to do is place the panels on the frame and the magnetic application will drive them to position and create seamless vivid one large image


The pop up display is the perfect solution when you require to setup your display in many tradeshow time after time. You can use the same display time after time as long as the content of your printed graphics is up to date. The pop up displays are very flexible and the graphics panels are interchangeable. When you wish to change the content or the look of the image, simply order new graphics panels. The new panels arrive with all the magnetic strips installed so all you need to do is to place the new panels on your existing frame, saving you from buying complete new display when you wish to update the graphics.


The graphics of the popup display is completely customizable you can create your graphics using any colours and shape you wish. The artwork is provided as a PDF file and we will do the rest. Customize the display size - Use one frame or join few the popup display size is Customizable, you can use the display for 3m booth, 6m booth, 6m booth and so on. The popup display allow you to use multiple frames and join them together to create on large wall. At any stage you can use all you existing frame when you require large wall solution, or only part of the wall in case your next tradeshow require smaller wall.