Tension fabric popup Display stands are popular portable banner stand. The fabric popup displays are very popular among the trade show community. The fabric panels are stretch on the display frame and is wrinkle-free. The displays look great and have many benefits that come with investing in this type of banner stand.


The fabric popup display come in different widths: 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and each size is available in 2 different height 2.2m or 1.4m. The wide range of sizes available allow great flexibility to suite any space.

The frame of the fabric popup display collapse to a compact size and It is light weight the unit is packed into a small carry case with wheel for easy transportation by one person. Similar to a small suitcase, the entire unit can be handle by one person.


There is a reason that fabric popup displays are used in many different settings. You’ll notice that they are present at not only trade shows, but also malls, airpots, storefronts and many other places because they are so durable. Having a display that can be used over and over again, for long periods of time should certainly help justify your investment.

Easy Use

The frame of the fabric popup display collapse to a compact size and It is light weight . The stretch fabric is packed together with the frame. No need to remove the fabric from the frame when packing the units. These characteristics will save setup and packing time as well as easy to transport Keep It Clean We all know that displays take there fair share of abuse at events, despite our best efforts to protect them. The good news is that the fabric material is easy to clean if require. The fabric is machine washable ( cold wash) Keeping your display looking fresh and new at each event, just got a whole lot simpler.