Shell graphics panels are typically H:2400mm W:1000mm but can vary depending on the exhibition. Exhibitor require to check with the exhibition organizer before ordering. In some cases, custom size is required, we create custom size panels to fit any space.

Nearly all Shell schemes include walls When dressing the wall with graphics panels, you don’t use up any of floor space – and therefore you maximize the use of the floor space for your products, services and any other usage. We offer two types of wall panels: laminated PVC or fabric laminated PVC Panels Full Colour Sandtex Laminated UV PVC Panels are lightweight and easy to pack away making travelling hassle free. Panels can be custom built to fit your venue. The walls are covered with number of panels place side by side to create one large image. Graphics attach using either Velcro. Quick and easy! You can create one big message with individual panels or take users on a journey with each panel. Your graphics can be as vibrant or as simplistic as you like. fabric Panels Fabric Panel – one large fabric panel to cover the entire wall. Full colour fabric panel. The large Fabric panel is attached to the wall via the highest grade Velcro application. The fabric the fabric panel is

The material used for the graphics is unique media as it is a non reflective media. It is widely used by our customers as a media backdrops where cameras are used with strong flashes. In addition, our fabric panels has unique characteristics. In contrast to other fabric used by other suppliers, our fabric is a non Crease media. The fabric is washable and iron able. Lightweight and easy to fold and transport. .