Trade show displays are powerful visual presentation of your products and services. The displays create first impression of your organization. this is what your exhibition displays is all about. Constant visit of potential new customers that you are trying to impress with your goods and services. So how do we create a favorable first impression ? How do we design our exhibition stand so it will help us achieve the ultimate goal - maximizing the potential of our exhibition footprint in the exhibition hall, maximize sales and new customers.

Exhibition displays comes in a variety of sizes, Shapes, portability, material easy to set-up and cost. Some exhibitors will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on displays while others will run under a thousand. Display Sales Australia offers wide range of exhibition displays to suit ALL.
From small, light and easy to setup units that can be managed by one person and require no tools to set-up to a large custom design and manufacture stand that require a team to setup and dismantle.

Pop Up Displays

Pop ups displays are large volume display ( wall / media wall displays ) provide high portability, light weight and ease of set up. The unit fold down and packed in a small solid case whit wheels that can be carried by one person. The popup display systems are an effective solution for small to medium size shows or road shows. The popup display system is portable and offers a high impact solution

The entire system is packed into one small carry case with wheels for convenient transportation - it can be easily be carried in the boot of the car or as luggage on a plane. With this unit, Graphics or Fabric panels are attached to the Pop Up Unit structure via Magnetic application. Made from quality anodized aluminium alloy, each Standard Pop Up Display unit comes with its own solid case with wheels for easy transportation. The case can be transformed into a cost-effective promotion table providing valuable workspace.

Available in: • Graphics (SANDTEX LAMINATED with UV protection) or Fabric options;
• 5 different sizes (4,6,8,10 and 12 ft);
• 2.2 meter or 1.4 meter Height ; and
• Straight or Curved options.
• Lighting options include halogen spot lights.

Panel Trade Show Exhibits

Folding Panels is very popular exhibition display solution.
(It is also known as Exhibition Folding Panels, Exhibition Panels, Trade Show Display panels, Trade Show Display Boards, Presentation Panels Display Panel System, graphics panels) The Folding Panels displays are lightweight solution yet robust display and can be set up in seconds. These panel display systems are effective solution for small to medium size show or road show. The Folding Panels display system is portable and offers high impact solution. The entire system is packed into small carry case for convenient transportation so it can be easily carry in the boot of the car or as luggage on a plane. the Panels displays can be easily set up by one person within minutes. Folding Panels display is a great tool to create high impact for marketing and advertising requirements The Folding Panels display provides outstanding quality at an affordable price, the panels are modular so the system it is very flexible and can be extended with as many column to create the display as wide as require and with a header panel for different height requirements. The panel system, when assembled, can be position to the shape of your booth. The main panels size is H:900mm x W:600mm and the header panel is H:300mm W:600mm The frame comes in 2 different colors: black or silver. The surface of each panels can made with custom made Graphics or Velcro compatible premium carpet.

Hybrid Displays

Offer an up-to-date, modern look to exhibiting by using aluminium extrusions, graphics, dye cut panels, counters and more. Hybrids are a great looking displays and consider step up in value from standard pop up walls and can make your company stand out more without the high price tag that custom exhibits require. They are medium range in term of portability and require 2 person to set up. Some tools are required.

Tension Fabric Displays

Display Sales Australia offers popular Waveline systems (Slimline Fabric Display Systems) have been specifically designed for tradeshow booths, exhibition and marketing promotions. The Waveline systems are an effective solution for small to medium size shows or road shows. They are highly portable and offer a high impact solution. The entire system is packed into one small carry case with wheels for convenient transportation
- it can be easily carried in the boot of the car or as luggage on a plane. The best feature of the Waveline system is its super slim profile and extremely light frame, making it an ideal portable display solution for road shows, seminars, or any event requiring quick and easy installation. The frame consists of lightweight aluminium and the fabric is merely zipped on around the frame.
Display Sales Australia offer an number of styles and shapes in the Waveline systems. These include: Curved, Straight, S-Shape. W-shape, Kiosk, Tower and Promotion Counters. Most styles come in different sizes to suit varying booth and/or floor sizes.
The Waveline system can easily be set up by one person within minutes.
The Curved, Straight, S-Shape, U-Shape and Tower are all similar in terms of functionality, the only real difference is their shape. Their style and shape are so modern your stand is sure to have that WOW factor!
The Kiosk system is our only Fabric system that allows you to mount an LCD screen into your display. With this system, not only can you sell your brand, but you can also support your brand with high resolution images, animations and movies. This type of display is becoming more and more popular. As part of the Waveline systems, we also offer a range of promotion counters. Hanging Displays

Display Sales Australia supply complete variety of hanging banner signs and overhead ceiling displays. The hanging banner systems are designed to hang from ceilings to create high visual impact. Made of strong round tube, the hanging banner is easy to install as pieces just snap into place. We made hanging banners in nearly all shape and sizes so you can find the right hanging banner to suite your needs. The Stretch fabric hanging banner can be seen from great distances making this sign a great choice for tradeshow events, convention halls, lobbies, department stores and many other public and retail environments and in store displays. The stretch fabric pillow case full colour fabric fits over the banner frame for a compelling marketing display. Hanging banners hang above your exhibition stand from the rafters giving your stand optimum visibility so customers can find your stand from great distances! Hanging banners get you noticed from almost anywhere at the trade show!

Outdoor Displays

Display Sales Australia offers wide range of outdoor display to suite outdoor events and field days. the displays included folding marquees systems, outdoor banners, A-frames, flags and much more. Display Sales Australia offers folding marquees systems (also known as gazebos and tents) are perfect for corporate and government events, school and sporting events, market stalls and the like. Ideal for any indoor or outdoor event that requires shelter. All our folding marquee systems come in a range of colours, styles and options for customization – they can be branded to suit any of your individual needs and can have a variety options added to them to give them that extra WOW factor! The entire frame structure can be packed into a small carry case with wheels which makes them highly portable and easy to transport between events. Our folding marquees systems are also quick and easy to setup – taking one person between 10 – 15 minutes to setup.

Banner Stands

Display Sales Australia offers wide range of shape sizes and weight of banner stands. The most populat banner stands are the rollup banners / Pullup banners.Pull up Banners are great portable display solution. Pull up Banner stands are easy and fast to set up and create high impact display solution. Pull up banners are excellent solution for presentations, press conferences, exhibition displays stands, corporate meetings, trade show banner stands, retail / point of sale displays and shopping centers. Roll Up banners can be used individually or line few together for even greater impact. Pull up banners stands are quick and easy to set up and pack up - Just pull the graphics from its base and it is ready to go.

TwistPack Towers

Aluminum folding TwistPack Tower display showcase systems. Portable and fully collapsible for easy transportation between events, ideal solution for: Sales reps, Exhibition events,Retail Out-lets and Office Reception areas or any location that requires a simple assembly and a very dramatic display. - Aluminum TwistPack Tower structure, portable and folded.
- Easy and fast to set up and dismantle, no tool needed
- Includs acrylic shelf to display small products as mobile phone, gift, cosmetics, and jewelry. Excellent for trade show displays. - Optional spot light on top, more shining
- 4 full color Graphics panels top and bottom
- Soft Carry case