Folding Panel displays are one of the most common products at any exhibition and a trade show. These simple and effective displays offer a number of practical purposes, making them a versatile addition to your booth and your marketing campaign.
In this article we will name few of the main reasons why the folding panel display boards as so popular when come to exhibition, trade show, schools and universities, community center’s, shopping Centre and many more.

Information boards - The primary function of the folding panel displays boards are to deliver information and display it in a professional manner. Companies uses the folding panels display as a marketing tools to promote their brand, products and services. Very rarely you will see folding panel displays without any printed posters displayed as part of the setup of the display.
Partition and Walls barriers – one of the most effective functions of the folding panel display boards is to act as a wall or barrier to divide your space and keep it separate from your competitors’ space. Free Floor-standing panels do perform this function with ease. The panel displays are large enough to create an effective barrier.
Products display – the folding panel displays can be used to display your products. This is one of the reasons that this display is popular and used often in trade show that sell products like retail exhibitions and conventions. The folding panels can be upgraded with accessories such as shelves, counters, and storage cabinets, which are perfect for selling merchandise.
Presentations boards – the folding panel display boards can be used to provide supporting information during presentations or meetings. The panels can be customized so you can designate particular panels to contain presentation-specific information.